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Comprehensive Dental Care in Pennant Hills

IBM Rewards Pennant HillsPracticing healthy oral hygiene habits is a fundamental contributor to boosting not only your oral health but your overall health as well.

Take Care of Your Smile

Having a beautiful smile has the ability to outlive just about any other physical characteristic on the human body. Studies have discovered that it can light up a room, create a great first impression and often lingers in the memory of the lucky strangers you share it with.

By combining a solid oral hygiene routine with regular check-ups every 6 months, our team at Hills Dental Design work hard to offer our patients with and enriching and effective service every visit.

We take an engaging and informative approach to your visits because really the more you know about your mouth, the more likely your smile will continue to shine for years to come.

The More You Know about Dentistry, the Better You’ll Feel

Here at Hills Dental Design, we take an engaging and informative approach to your visits because really the more you know about your mouth, the more likely your smile will continue to shine for years to come.


When teeth become decayed and have cavities, composite fillings offer a defensive cover to both repair and protect the tooth. Fabricated out of tooth coloured materials, composite fillings restore the fissures in the teeth restoring structural balance while still appearing as a natural tooth.

Our Care Technique

After the tooth is cleared of debris and decay, our Pennant Hills dentists will gently layer the composite materials over the top of the prepared tooth. Using a special light, the restoration will harden, protecting and sealing the tooth from external elements.

After it has hardened, your Pennant Hills dentist will adjust the composite then polish it to prevent staining and wear.

Advantages of White Dental Fillings

Compared to metal fillings, the biggest advantage of composite fillings is that they look like the natural tooth. When metal fillings are placed they can often be noticeable for others. Composite fillings help to prevent the tooth from breaking and provide insulation from excessive temperatures. They also require less tooth adjustment, making them minimally invasive.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when a tooth’s nerve or pulp is infected. You know when a nerve is infected as it can be very painful. The treatment involves the removal of the tooth’s pulp, a small thread-like tissue in the centre of the tooth.

Once the damaged, diseased or dead pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled; otherwise an empty root canal will get infected. This procedure stops the pain, seals off the root canal and saves many teeth that would otherwise be lost. The procedure is also known as endodontic treatment.

Provided that you maintain good oral hygiene, come in for regular check-ups and take care of your smile, your treated tooth should remain intact for many years to come.

Symptoms to Observe

Infection and inflammation can cause many symptoms to the tooth and gums including:

  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pus around the tooth
  • Loosening of the tooth
  • Intermittent or chronic pain

Causes of Nerve Damage

There are many events that can lead to disease or damage to dental pulp. Some of these include:

  • Deep, untreated dental decay
  • Decay beneath a large filling
  • Trauma that damages a tooth
  • Habitual tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Advanced gum disease

In some cases you may not even know that the pulp of the tooth is infected because your body is fighting hard to control the infection. This will generally be diagnosed via x-rays during a dental check-up or an unrelated treatment visit to our Pennant Hills office.

Hills Dental Design is here to help. Often times the most difficult part of going to the dentist is booking the first check-up. Maybe you haven’t been for a while or don’t like the idea of the dental chair – whatever your reasons are for putting off your check-up, the most important thing to understand is that at Hills Dental Design, we are here to help you personally.


What to expect from a regular check-up?

By scheduling regular check-ups, our Pennant Hills dentists can monitor the health of your smile. During your visit we will likely:

  • Check for jaw abnormalities
  • Evaluate your tooth alignment
  • Assess tooth or gum sensitivity
  • Monitor current restorations (if applicable)
  • Provide helpful advice on managing your dental habits and routine

Generally we recommend a digital X-Ray to gauge a greater understanding of any decay or deep rooted conditions and a scale and clean to clear away plaque. To find out more about the different treatment options available with general dentistry, contact us today!

For further information about our cosmetic dental procedures, contact our Pennant Hills dentist today.


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