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Digital Implants Increase Comfort

Discover a dazzling smile using DIOnavi  – a state-of-the-art digital navigation implant surgery that employs 3D computer simulation. This advanced solution is ideal for those considering implants as it determines the ideal surgery plan with minimal surgical incision and less pain. With DIOnavi, you can experience multiple benefits that come with no incision or suture:

  • Diminished pain
  • Less bleeding
  • No damage of surrounding nerve or teeth due to the use of the exact guide
  • A reduction in inconvenience due to the comfortable guide that’s used

How Traditional Implants Are Fitted

With a conventional implant, more surgery is involved that includes cutting the gum and raising a flap to expose the bone. The screw part of the implant is inserted, and the area is sutured. Healing time after this procedure takes 2-4 weeks.


The digital implants difference is clear. Precise surgery reduces pain and speeds up healing time.

An Accurate and Highly Safe Procedure

With DIOnavi digital implants, a flapless technique is used which accelerates the healing time. We start by taking a cone beam (CBCT) to assess the bone. Next, we take impressions of the area of the implant — either digitally or by using an actual impression. The data is then sent to DIO Digital Centre where a customized surgical guide is made, taking into consideration the correct position of the implant to be placed. This guide decreases any dangerous possibility of nerve injury or any errors that can occur when placing the implant. The procedure is extremely safe and accurate.

Smile with confidence with DIOnavi digital implant surgery.

The Second Appointment

During the second appointment, we place the implants, using the customized guide in the mouth. We then will drill through the guide at a slow speed, with no water and no flap to be raised. Placing the two implants takes less than 30 minutes. And because no sutures are placed during the procedure, you will experience fewer complications and minimal swelling and bleeding. You will be scheduled to return in 4-6 months to receive the crown portion of the implant.

Free Digital Implant Consultation

Making the decision to get an implant is complex. You will have questions related to cost and comfort. Book an appointment to spend some time with a dentist to discuss your unique needs.

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