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Keep your child’s teeth free of decay


The general health and development of your child is directly linked to their dental health. This is why it’s important to maintain an awareness of your child’s oral hygiene and health. Prevent tooth decay from an early age by encouraging healthy habits. Know the signs of decay and treat them…

No gap dental – first appointment is on us!

Save money on your dental visits with no out of pocket expenses (gap cover) for your first appointment at Hills Dental Design.

Do you have private health cover and live near Pennant Hills and Castle Hill, Sydney? Why you should invest in health insurance Health insurance provides you with an opportunity to afford costly medical services when you really need them. Your first gap free check-up For many patients the most difficult…

Older Adults: Oral Health Issues


There has been much emphasis on the challenges faced by children and their parents in securing optimal oral health.  The population at the other end of the life line – the so called “elderly” has been paid little attention to the challenges and barriers to maintaining and securing good oral…

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