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Older Adults: Oral Health Issues

There has been much emphasis on the challenges faced by children and their parents in securing optimal oral health.  The population at the other end of the life line – the so called “elderly” has been paid little attention to the challenges and barriers to maintaining and securing good oral health. Who are the elderly?.. read more →

Does your dentist check for Oral Cancers?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 700 people died in 2011 from malignant cancers of the lip, oral cavity and pharynx, over twice the rate of cervical cancer, yet few in the community or medical professions are aware that it was preventable. Researchers Dr Mahmoud Bakr and Emma Skerman from the Griffith University School.. read more →


The jaws and teeth are essential to human survival.  They each have multiple primary roles in sustaining life.  Jaw support is necessary to maintain tongue space, airway space and basic life support. Human jaws consist primarily of two connected upper jawbones known as the maxilla or palate, and the much larger jawbone known as the.. read more →

Soft Tissue Aesthetics: FRAME YOUR MASTERPIECE

Renowned English Author and journalist G.K Chesterton once famously stated that, “Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.”  There is no escaping the fact that a piece of art must work in harmony with the frame in which it is placed for it to result in a truly.. read more →


  Dental implants are one of the most successful dental treatments offered to patients with a success rate of over 90%.  However, more than any other type of restorative dentistry, regular maintenance by a dental professional is the key for implants to remain healthy and stable in the long run. Routine implant maintenance visits consists.. read more →

World Oral Health Day 2014

Over 50 countries plan to celebrate World Oral Health Day on 20th March 2014. Nearly twice as  many student organizations as last year have pledged to support WOHD 2014 The new WOHD 2014 website launched  will be a hub of information on worldwide activities and support to participating organizations The world is gearing up to.. read more →

Advanced Tooth Whitening Systems

Pola Day and Pola Night – Advanced tooth whitening systems Teeth whitening can instantly brighten your smile, taking years off your age by removing staining and discoloration. A teeth-whitening treatment will give your smile a new lease of life; it can reverse the effects of aging and discoloration and help you achieve a beautiful vibrant.. read more →

Say No to Mercury!

SAY NO TO MERCURY! – What it means for Australian Dentistry There has been growing global concern about mercury pollution for some time due to the escalating mercury levels being measured in air, water, marine life, human umbilical cord blood and mothers’ breast milk.  Toxicity is a modern health epidemic and requires a global solution. .. read more →

Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women, including gum disease and increased risk of tooth decay. During pregnancy, your increased hormones can affect your body’s response to plaque (the layer of germs on your teeth). Pregnancy does not automatically damage your teeth.  However, the demands of pregnancy can lead to particular dental problems.. read more →


MEDICARE TEEN DENTAL PLAN: The Medicare Teen Dental Plan will close on 31 December 2013.  Eligible teens will be able to access services until this date.  From 1 January 2014, the Medicare Teen Dental Plan will be replaced by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. CHILD DENTAL BENEFITS SCHEDULE: Dental providers that hold general or specialist.. read more →

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